Pre-K through 2nd Grade Lesson Plans

World of Words (WOW) is a research-based, shared reading program for PreK through 2nd grade that builds word knowledge and comprehension skills in science topics that will fascinate young children. WOW incorporates carefully constructed text sets comprised of quality fiction and nonfiction titles that allows for scaffolding while building vocabulary, understanding of key concepts related to new words, and comprehension of conceptual big ideas. Children will not only learn many new words and concepts, they will build critical background knowledge about the ways in which the world works.

Through our motivating texts, a teacher will build an exciting world of words to ensure children’s reading success.

Lesson Plans Structure

World of Words contains three steps:

Step 1: TALK Together
  • Introduce lesson topic, vocabulary words and book
Step 2: READ Together
  • Support and encourage children to think critically about the text
  • Ask open ended questions that help children apply new knowledge
  • Encourage children to provide rationale for their answers

World of Words operates on three principles:


Use text genre to children’s advantage

  • Start with predictable/rhyming books
  • Introduce storybooks
  • Challenge with information books

Highlight key skills with easy-to-use lesson plans

Step 1: Talk Together
Step 2: Read Together
Step 3: Reflect Together


Connect learning both within and across topics to create knowledge networks