1st Grade Lesson Plans

WOW is organized around scientific topics like mysterious weather and wild animals that engage children in rich conversations. These topics support rich vocabulary while simultaneously helping children learn about life sciences, biological sciences, and physical sciences. You’ll find lots of opportunities for open-ended discussions around meaningful, and engaged learning.

Each lesson plan includes six easy-to-implement topics per grade level (PreK, K, 1, 2).

Each text set includes 5 Texts, a Teacher’s Guide, 15 Picture Cards, and a Topic Poster. Additional provided resources include Home Connections, Extension Activities and Lesson Plans Strategy Notes.

Children will learn over 100 words for each topic. We have found that repeated exposure through book reading activities supports content-rich learning and improves vocabulary, conceptual knowledge, and comprehension.

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1st Grade Topics

  • ECOLOGY is the study of how living things interact together.
  • ECOSYSTEMS are always changing.
Extreme Weather
Extreme Weather
  • EXTREME WEATHER affects living things.
  • EXTREME WEATHER forms in the atmosphere.
  • EXTREME WEATHER impacts society and ecosystems.
  • Living things live in certain HABITATS based on their needs.
  • Living things use their HABITATS to protect themselves.
Mysteries of Space
Mysteries of Space
  • There are many MYSTERIES OF SPACE that astronomers have only learned a little about.
  • The MYSTERIES OF SPACE affect life on Earth.
Ocean Zones
Ocean Zones
  • OCEAN ZONES are important to the life cycles of various living animals.
  • OCEAN ZONES get darker at lower depths.
  • OCEAN ZONES have higher pressure at lower depths.
  • Living things need WATER to survive.
  • WATER takes up most of the Earth’s surface.
  • WATER makes up most of the human body.
  • Nature recycles WATER.


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